29 May 2012

Automatic Soap Dispenser

Demonstration Video

                                         World no 1
                            Hose Water Resistance          6 Gift boxes in 1 Carton
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Enjoy Modern Hygiene Lifestyles.
Hygienic, Safe, User Friendly, Convenient and Accurate ! No Pumping or Pressing !
This is the superd model specially designed by our company, is the best model in the world in term of features, performance and reliability against pricing.
One hand operation modern lifestyles applications more than hygienic :


      1. one hand holding your baby the other hand get liquid soap.

      2. one hand holding your dog, the other hand get liquid soap.
      3. one hand holding shower, the other hand get hair or body shampoo.
      4. Keep washing bowls, plates or dishes without interruption,                 free hand to get liquid dishwash detergent.
      5. Dirty hands.
      6. This is an excellent product for kids, aged and the handicap ones.
      7. Etc ... Users determine

For your kitchen,washroom and bathroom-home, office, school, factory, clinics, hospital, workshop, restaurant, club etc...

Touchless to get liquid Soap/shampoo or Dishwash Detergent or Sanitizer.
500ml, Micro controller based PCBA.
World Number 1 Water Resistance only from our company brand "Professional".
Block activate Sense Range 0~9cm.
Dual Mode Dispensing - 1drop per approach or Multiple drops (interrogated) user select.
Anti Liquid Soap Leakage System.
Anti Interferences from Mobile phone, Flashlight, Sunlight etc...
Battery operated-4 x AA Alkaline 
Battery last for 7~8months, 100 times of Dispensing usage per day.
Include Battery, DIY Mounting kits and Free delivery within West Malaysia.

Ex-stock prior sales.
Warranty - One Year (Home user) or 3 months (Commercial user)or 200K times of Dispensing. Subject to manufacturing defects.
Warranty service  - customer prepaid both way transportation to our service depot.
Face to face - Pre and post sales and strong technical support.

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