18 Jul 2013

Emergency Back up Alert System

-3 hrs back up.
-LED Lighting
-After power failure : Light on and sound alert.
-Excellent system to awake sleeper during winter power failure.

1 Nov 2012

Digital Wireless Camera System - Digital Video Camera System For live

Surveillance, Conferencing, Baby Monitor, Intercom, Telecast And Video Filming.

Complete System Comes With
  1. Digital Wireless Encrypted Camera Built-in Battery
  2. USB Decoder
  3. AC/DC Adaptor  cum Charger & Cable
  4. Free software
  5. RM250.00  (One year Limited Warranty)


  1. 8 hours back up battery bank
Operation requirements 

  1. PC Pentium above
  2. Microsoft XP, Vista, Win 7 or Win 8

Wireless Digital TX/RX Device

This product line adopts wireless radio frequency technology to transmit audio and video signals. The signal is pure digital and has strong anti-interference capability. It uses digital encryption technology so the security is extremely high. It can transmit high quality audio and video signals wirelessly from any player with AV output, such as CATV box, DVD, VCD, DVR, security monitoring system, personal computer, digital TV set top box, multimedia game console, multimedia set top box, ...., etc.; therefore, it is easy to achieve high-quality, wireless, digital, video and audio environment.

Compatible with any sources with AV outputs including satellite receiver, CATV box, surveillance camera, VCD, DVD,DVR, CCD camera, IPTV, Personal computer, satellite STB, digital TV STB, Blue-ray players, Gaming console, HD network media player and other similar devices.


30 May 2012

DIY Smart Home

In Car Travelling Surveillance1

In Car Travelling Surveillance2
Demonstration Video


Extended Battery Pack

Wireless Cam Sequencer

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,

We are please to introduce to you our most innovative and latest technologies DIY products.

1. Single View Close Circuit PC Camera Basic System :
Product Aim: Realtime view and record at site(where out of your sight) while you are working at computer locally or via internet remotely from PC when you are away from your CCPC camera monitor system set up location. AC or DC (battery) operation.

- CCPC Camera direct Secured (Encrypted/Coded) Transmission to PC.
- A Portable Close Circuit PC camera system, can be brought from place to place set up without restriction.
- Do not need GSM Sim (3G) or No Internet.
- Can be set up anywhere anytime in 5 minutes.
- Plug and Play, NO SOFTWARE setting.
- Recording Snapshot (Window98, XP, Vista, win7), and video (win7).
- Privacy, Mobility and Hassle Free System.
- Wide Coverage and Flexible Applications.

Extension and upgrade capabilities :
-Realtime Remote PC/Smartphone Viewing and  recording  via internet from worldwide.
- Realtime online video stream reporting to anywhere via line or mobile or wifi internet broadband.
- Optional - Multiple View, anytime ready to add on additional CCPC camera as many as your computer capable to handle.
- Optional - View and Capture Software.

Applications and Camera set up references/locations :
Apply to: 1.Reception Front Office 2.Mini Market 3.Outdoor 4.Travelling Telecast (Bus/Car) 5.Guard House 6.In-Car Monitor 7.Home 8.General Office Room 9.Realtime Video Stream Reporting. 10.Anywhere Applicable.
Users can fix CCPC camera : 1.Inside Car/Bus  2.Ceiling/Wall 3.Window Top 4.Door Top, or other appropriate locations, can be viewed either from your home or office etc..or other remote locations via internet (Optional).

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question about ourproducts.
Thank you.

Ready Stock

Touchless Sensor Lockset

Demonstration Video

29 May 2012

Oral Buster Jet

Demonstration Video

Let Your Finger Thumb Do The Flossing

Just brushing, flossing or rinsing is not enough, you need an effective tool that operate independently without battery, no AC power, no faucet connections, no noise, no vibration, strong smooth water jet stream, use after brushing your teeth, it is small, light and compact, so convenience bring along to anywhere, and use anytime without restriction, this is an oral buster to jet out and removes debris, food remains in inaccessible area under tooth bridges and between crowns. Flushes out and cleans around vital gingival margins. Just use your thumb press on the blue button that is so easy to look after your teeth and gums healthy, especially those with bridges, crowns, superstructures, implants or braces. There is no substitute for brushing your teeth but brushing alone does not remove all unwanted debris which can contribute to tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath. With our easy to use Oral Buster Jet, you will be able to penetrate those hidden inaccessible areas and flush out any lingering debris giving your teeth the extra care they deserved. The Dental Hygienist in your hand - Oral Buster Jet

Professional Representation Enterprise


Email : professionalre1@gmail.com

Oral Buster Jet

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Ready Stock

Automatic Soap Dispenser

Demonstration Video

                                         World no 1
                            Hose Water Resistance          6 Gift boxes in 1 Carton
Ready Stock

Enjoy Modern Hygiene Lifestyles.
Hygienic, Safe, User Friendly, Convenient and Accurate ! No Pumping or Pressing !
This is the superd model specially designed by our company, is the best model in the world in term of features, performance and reliability against pricing.
One hand operation modern lifestyles applications more than hygienic :


      1. one hand holding your baby the other hand get liquid soap.

      2. one hand holding your dog, the other hand get liquid soap.
      3. one hand holding shower, the other hand get hair or body shampoo.
      4. Keep washing bowls, plates or dishes without interruption,                 free hand to get liquid dishwash detergent.
      5. Dirty hands.
      6. This is an excellent product for kids, aged and the handicap ones.
      7. Etc ... Users determine

For your kitchen,washroom and bathroom-home, office, school, factory, clinics, hospital, workshop, restaurant, club etc...

Touchless to get liquid Soap/shampoo or Dishwash Detergent or Sanitizer.
500ml, Micro controller based PCBA.
World Number 1 Water Resistance only from our company brand "Professional".
Block activate Sense Range 0~9cm.
Dual Mode Dispensing - 1drop per approach or Multiple drops (interrogated) user select.
Anti Liquid Soap Leakage System.
Anti Interferences from Mobile phone, Flashlight, Sunlight etc...
Battery operated-4 x AA Alkaline 
Battery last for 7~8months, 100 times of Dispensing usage per day.
Include Battery, DIY Mounting kits and Free delivery within West Malaysia.

Ex-stock prior sales.
Warranty - One Year (Home user) or 3 months (Commercial user)or 200K times of Dispensing. Subject to manufacturing defects.
Warranty service  - customer prepaid both way transportation to our service depot.
Face to face - Pre and post sales and strong technical support.

Touchless Hand Wash System for Home + Office

DIY Design: takes less than 5 minutes to intall.
Save Money: reduces water consumption.up to 70%
Safely Life: washhands without touch the faucet, avoids the transfer of germs & viruses.
Intelligent Itself: auto-adjust sensor range,  fits on all standard faucet.

2. Touchless/Sensor Hand Wash Hygiene System :

Product Aim : Convenient, Hygienic, Safe and User friendly.
It is 100% NO TOUCH of washing hands, enjoy modern hygiene lifestyles without cross-contamination at home or at work. Get your liquid hand soap without touch, and wash your hands from faucet without touch, easy, fast, safe and convenient.

Google Android Smart TV Stick


W.Malaysia RM80.00 Include Delivery Limited Stock

Note : All above products being value added by our company "Professional " for better features and reliability against usage.

Industrial Automation Products

Fully Auto PCB Inspection System

Die Coat System