29 May 2012

Touchless Hand Wash System for Home + Office

DIY Design: takes less than 5 minutes to intall.
Save Money: reduces water consumption.up to 70%
Safely Life: washhands without touch the faucet, avoids the transfer of germs & viruses.
Intelligent Itself: auto-adjust sensor range,  fits on all standard faucet.

2. Touchless/Sensor Hand Wash Hygiene System :

Product Aim : Convenient, Hygienic, Safe and User friendly.
It is 100% NO TOUCH of washing hands, enjoy modern hygiene lifestyles without cross-contamination at home or at work. Get your liquid hand soap without touch, and wash your hands from faucet without touch, easy, fast, safe and convenient.

Google Android Smart TV Stick


W.Malaysia RM80.00 Include Delivery Limited Stock

Note : All above products being value added by our company "Professional " for better features and reliability against usage.

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