29 May 2012

Oral Buster Jet

Demonstration Video

Let Your Finger Thumb Do The Flossing

Just brushing, flossing or rinsing is not enough, you need an effective tool that operate independently without battery, no AC power, no faucet connections, no noise, no vibration, strong smooth water jet stream, use after brushing your teeth, it is small, light and compact, so convenience bring along to anywhere, and use anytime without restriction, this is an oral buster to jet out and removes debris, food remains in inaccessible area under tooth bridges and between crowns. Flushes out and cleans around vital gingival margins. Just use your thumb press on the blue button that is so easy to look after your teeth and gums healthy, especially those with bridges, crowns, superstructures, implants or braces. There is no substitute for brushing your teeth but brushing alone does not remove all unwanted debris which can contribute to tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath. With our easy to use Oral Buster Jet, you will be able to penetrate those hidden inaccessible areas and flush out any lingering debris giving your teeth the extra care they deserved. The Dental Hygienist in your hand - Oral Buster Jet

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