30 May 2012

DIY Smart Home

In Car Travelling Surveillance1

In Car Travelling Surveillance2
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Extended Battery Pack

Wireless Cam Sequencer

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,

We are please to introduce to you our most innovative and latest technologies DIY products.

1. Single View Close Circuit PC Camera Basic System :
Product Aim: Realtime view and record at site(where out of your sight) while you are working at computer locally or via internet remotely from PC when you are away from your CCPC camera monitor system set up location. AC or DC (battery) operation.

- CCPC Camera direct Secured (Encrypted/Coded) Transmission to PC.
- A Portable Close Circuit PC camera system, can be brought from place to place set up without restriction.
- Do not need GSM Sim (3G) or No Internet.
- Can be set up anywhere anytime in 5 minutes.
- Plug and Play, NO SOFTWARE setting.
- Recording Snapshot (Window98, XP, Vista, win7), and video (win7).
- Privacy, Mobility and Hassle Free System.
- Wide Coverage and Flexible Applications.

Extension and upgrade capabilities :
-Realtime Remote PC/Smartphone Viewing and  recording  via internet from worldwide.
- Realtime online video stream reporting to anywhere via line or mobile or wifi internet broadband.
- Optional - Multiple View, anytime ready to add on additional CCPC camera as many as your computer capable to handle.
- Optional - View and Capture Software.

Applications and Camera set up references/locations :
Apply to: 1.Reception Front Office 2.Mini Market 3.Outdoor 4.Travelling Telecast (Bus/Car) 5.Guard House 6.In-Car Monitor 7.Home 8.General Office Room 9.Realtime Video Stream Reporting. 10.Anywhere Applicable.
Users can fix CCPC camera : 1.Inside Car/Bus  2.Ceiling/Wall 3.Window Top 4.Door Top, or other appropriate locations, can be viewed either from your home or office etc..or other remote locations via internet (Optional).

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question about ourproducts.
Thank you.

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Touchless Sensor Lockset

Demonstration Video

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