1 Nov 2012

Digital Wireless Camera System - Digital Video Camera System For live

Surveillance, Conferencing, Baby Monitor, Intercom, Telecast And Video Filming.

Complete System Comes With
  1. Digital Wireless Encrypted Camera Built-in Battery
  2. USB Decoder
  3. AC/DC Adaptor  cum Charger & Cable
  4. Free software
  5. RM250.00  (One year Limited Warranty)


  1. 8 hours back up battery bank
Operation requirements 

  1. PC Pentium above
  2. Microsoft XP, Vista, Win 7 or Win 8

Wireless Digital TX/RX Device

This product line adopts wireless radio frequency technology to transmit audio and video signals. The signal is pure digital and has strong anti-interference capability. It uses digital encryption technology so the security is extremely high. It can transmit high quality audio and video signals wirelessly from any player with AV output, such as CATV box, DVD, VCD, DVR, security monitoring system, personal computer, digital TV set top box, multimedia game console, multimedia set top box, ...., etc.; therefore, it is easy to achieve high-quality, wireless, digital, video and audio environment.

Compatible with any sources with AV outputs including satellite receiver, CATV box, surveillance camera, VCD, DVD,DVR, CCD camera, IPTV, Personal computer, satellite STB, digital TV STB, Blue-ray players, Gaming console, HD network media player and other similar devices.


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